Cancer is cured by eating prasad of this temple.

You all must be aware that according to Hindu beliefs, a person who is blessed by Shri Ram's supreme devotee and servant Hanuman ji does not have to face any kind of difficulty in life. Yes and now today we are going to tell you about the temple of Hanuman ji where there are two idols of Hanuman ji. Yes, there is a belief about this temple that by coming here to the temple, where on the one hand the devotees get the blessings of Pawan's son Hanuman, on the other hand, the consumption of laddu prasad found in this temple also gets rid of incurable diseases.

Now we tell you about the specialty of the temple. First of all, let us tell you that this temple is located near the railway station of Patna which is known as Mahavir Temple. Yes and it is believed that after Hanumangarhi, this is the only temple of Hanuman ji where the maximum crowd of devotees is found. At the same time, if we talk about the specialty of this temple, then its most special thing is that here the pair of bajrang bali idols i.e. two idols are together. Yes and it is said that one idol is going to protect the devotees, while the other idol will destroy the evil ones. Yes, apart from this, let us also tell you all that this temple is considered to be very ancient.

In fact, it is said that it was given a new look in the 80s and since then the structure and glare of the temple forces the devotees to come here. Yes, and now a large number of devotees used to come here every day. There is a belief that by eating the prasad received from this temple, every kind of disease is cured. Yes, in today's time, a deadly disease like cancer, which is very expensive to treat, although it is said that by eating the laddoos found in this temple, a serious disease like cancer is cured, this has been proved.

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