Candida Auris virus wreaking havoc in the US, one in every 3 patients dies

Washington- A new and incurable disease has hit the US as the corona epidemic has not yet fully recovered. The disease, called Candida Auris, has created panic among the people. The disease is said to be incurable. Antifungal drugs are also not having any effect on the disease.

US health officials have reported cases related to incurable fungus by two Dallas-area hospitals and a nursing home in Washington DC. Candida is also a type of fungus. It is also not being affected by medicines. It is believed that it could kill the patient. According to Meghan Ryan of the US Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), patients with this fungus are getting infected with each other. There were three cases in the 101 Candida Orissa cases group which were not affected by all three types of antifungal drugs.

According to CDC, one in three patients with Candida Auris infection die. Not only that, most people with severe candida infection had already been diagnosed with some disease. According to CDC, fever and chills are the most common symptoms of Candida Auris infection.

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