3 Career Mistakes Everyone Make Which Need To Overcome

Jan 22 2017 12:37 PM
3 Career Mistakes Everyone Make Which Need To Overcome

Mistakes are a part of life and everyone have made some or the other mistake at some point of life. There is no perfect human it is our habit to make mistakes. We tend to make mistakes in our personal life and our professional life. Choosing a career is a big task and for a student just after passing 12th this responsibility seems to get enlarged. Here are some mistakes everyone are bound to make and should get over it;

Not knowing field of interest- If a student is good in studies he or she is expected to go for engineer or doctor but never realize that maybe their heart lay in other thing. They get into the field and after spending lot of time realizes this is not they want to do. It is ok to change a lane even if you have invested a lot and focus on what you like. You should forgive yourself for doing this.

Failing in the beginning- We all want a kick start in career. Having a high paying jib just after the college is everyone’s dream. But sometimes maybe your progress will be slow in the start you may not succeed as much you expected. This does not mean you are incapable, you only have to put mire dedication and hard work and stop pressuring yourself things take time to get better.

Being too easy going- When fresher starts working he have no experience of the work environment and the people along with him .He may get to easy to go with the bosses and other colleagues this may work against him. So even if you may happen to do this no time to regret and make a new start.

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