When Anand Bakshi's dream of becoming a singer was broken due to 'Sholay,' left army job for Bollywood
When Anand Bakshi's dream of becoming a singer was broken due to 'Sholay,' left army job for Bollywood

Born in Rawalpindi on July 21, 2021, Anand Bakshi, the lyricist whose songs made the flop hero of the Kapoor family 'Shashi Kapoor' everyone wants. Whose songs made an outsider who won the talent competition the first superstar of the film industry 'Rajesh Khanna.' Anand Bakshi's father, who wrote more than 4000 songs, was a bank manager in Rawalpindi. In his youth, Anand joined the army as a telephone operator. But Bombay and cinema were still like a dream, but there was a desire. An attempt to enter the film industry was with the film 'Badla,' but without success. Anand Bakshi then joined the Navy.

When the country was divided, the Bakshi family came to India as refugees. When nothing happened in Mumbai, Anand Bakshi rejoined the army and continued to serve there till the fifties. He quit his army job in 1956 and came to work as a lyricist in films. Anand got his first break from Lord Dada's film 'Bhala Aadmi.' But he was recognized in 'Jab Phool Khile,' with the song 'Pardeshiyon Se Na Ankhiyan Milana.' 'Sholay' is one of lyricist Anand Bakshi's most famous films. But very few people know that the film was also going to be a claim to fame film by singer Anand Bakshi.

In fact, the original script of 'Sholay' also included a qawwali. Writer Javed Akhtar had decided that the qawwali would be filmed in Bhopal's 'Char Bhand' style, with four groups of qawwals competing with each other. It was part of the Surma Bhopali track in the film Qawwali. The lyrics of the song were somewhat Yun,

''Chaand sa koee chehara na pahlu mein ho,
to chaandanee ka maza nahin aata,
jaam peekar sharaabee na gir jae to,
maikashee ka maza nahin aata''

And among the four singers who were selected to sing this qawwali were Kishore Kumar, Manna Dey, Bhupinder, and Anand Bakshi himself. According to the plan, qawwals singing 'Char Bhand' were called from Bhopal. RD Burman composed the tune and recorded qawwali. But the shoot could never take place. Because the film was already longer than the scheduled three hours. Due to which the scissors went on on the song. The most saddened was Anand Bakshi himself, 'If that song had been in Sholay, would I know as a singing career would have gone on.'

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