People travelling to other states are reported corona positive

New Delhi: Just as the whole human race today is facing a crisis of epidemic like Corona, the human aspect is coming to the brink of destruction, due to this virus, the number of infected people across the country continues to increase. It is not clear yet how long the coronavirus will be able to get rid of, but the government has not started many strict measures to prevent this virus, due to which many people have also won the war of their lives due to this virus, but many people have also lost their lives.

Railways have already started operating special trains from Delhi to 15 places and hundreds of workers are operating special trains to transport migrant workers to their hometowns in different parts of the country. Air India is also engaged in the return of stranded Indians due to lockdown abroad under Vande Bharat Mission. The situation became worrying for the state governments when the people who reached their hometown by these special trains and planes have been found infected with the coronavirus. Maharashtra supported the lockdown. Maharashtra has supported strict lockdowns in Mumbai and its suburbs and Pune. Also, the state is in favour of a complete ban on inter-state and inter-district transport.

After migrant workers come to the state, cases of Covid-19 have increased in Bihar, Jharkhand and Odisha. In such a situation, these states are in favour of continuing the lockdown and strictly prohibiting the movement of people. Chhattisgarh Chief Minister Bhupesh Singh Baghel has called on Prime Minister Modi not to open the borders of the state to anyone other than migrant workers and essential materials. Assam Chief Minister Arvind Sarvanand Sonowal said that the state has written a letter to the Center to extend the lockdown by two weeks. Bihar, Tamil Nadu and Karnataka are among those states that are not in favour of restoring rail and air services by at least the end of May.

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