Celebrate your honeymoon in this place in winter

Have you also had a new marriage, and you are planning a honeymoon with your wife, but you're wondering where to consider a honeymoon better. So there's nothing to worry about, if you've seen many different places on Google, yet you're not able to decide what's going to go, we'll tell you what's the place for you to consider a honeymoon.

1- The city of Kodagu is situated in the south-west part of Karnataka. This place will be great for you if you like greenery and mountains. Here you can see beautiful coffee gardens besides beautiful mountains. The orange flowers blooming here are also the centre of attraction for honeymoon couples.

2- If you are fond of seeing natural scenery and culture, you can also go to Tawang for a honeymoon. Tawang is also known as The Magical Land. This may be the best option for honeymoon.

3- The City of Auli in The Himalayan in Uttarakhand is the best place for honeymoon. Here you can enjoy the cold even in the summer season.

4- Damandeep's tour will be great for those who like adventure. Here you can also see beautiful scenes of nature along with beautiful beaches.

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