Do visit this place in Indore on weekends
Do visit this place in Indore on weekends

Day and night don't matter to those who are fond of walking, whenever they are in a mood, they just pick up their belongings and go for a walk. But if you find a place you want to enjoy the day and night, you must visit this village of Kalakund, 53 kilometres from Indore. The train journey to reach here gives great peace to the eyes and mind. As soon as you reach Kalakund by train, you get lost in the natural beauty of this place.

The only means to reach this village is the meter gauge train. Kalakund is located on the Indore to Khandwa rail route. This beautiful thrilling sight is made on sight. Kalakund is a village with a population of only 175 people, where the natural beauty is made on sight.

As soon as the train stops at a small station, two or three hands on the platform are seen selling white coloured food items on the palas leaves. This is the famous Kalakand of Kalakund, one of the few jobs here. Along with this, the more than 75 years old Tilsami here is reminiscent of the railway station shown in English cinema. Also, you can enjoy night camping here and also star gazing.

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