Now you too enjoy the fun of travelling in the train between clouds

Everyone loves travelling on a train, not only that, they are always fond of walking, but sometimes the same questions come to mind. Today we have brought you a place where you will be surprised. Yes, the train journey is very fun. When a train passes through high hilly areas, it's fun to see the beautiful scenery there. You must have travelled by train many times till date. Today we are going to tell you about a train that passes through the clouds.

A bridge has been built between clouds in Argentina. A train passes through this pool built between the clouds. The name of the train passing through here is "Train to the Cloud". This pool is built at such a height, that only clouds appear all around when viewed out of the train. This pool is built on the Andes mountain range. This pool is built at an altitude of 4000 meters above sea level. This railway track is considered to be the highest railway track in the world. This railway track begins in Salta, a city in Argentina.
Clouds completely cover the train when this train passes through the bridge. The journey on this train is very exciting.  The train travels 217 kilometres in 16 hours. The train passes through 29 pools and 21 tunnels to reach its destination. If you are also planning to travel to Argentina on holiday, do travel by this train.

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