Enjoy this cold place in the winter season

We have many places all over the world that are known for their beauty, people who are fond of roaming always like to visit places, many people love to see snowfall in cold weather, besides some people, love to visit cold places this season, Today we are going to tell you about a place that is famous all over the world for its winter walks.
We're talking about Turkey's Pamukkale, here's a wonder of the world that will surprise you, this place is no less visible than heaven in the winter season, there are 17 natural hot springs of water that have existed here for so many thousands of years. These springs naturally contain warm water which is the centre of everyone's curiosity.

According to the people here, the water present in these springs contains many minerals which turn into calcium carbonate due to exposure to the external air, and they are accumulating around the springs. That's why these springs have taken the shape of a swimming pool.

The temperature of water in these hot water springs varies from 37 degrees to 100 degrees. Bathing in this water benefits our health a lot, it is best to visit this place in winter, where a lot of tourists come to visit every year.

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