Yoga asana to regulate your irregular menstrual cycle naturally
Yoga asana to regulate your irregular menstrual cycle naturally

Many women suffer from menstrual problems. They have a lot of trouble at this time. Sometimes their stomach pain is troublesome, sometimes the trouble of back pain. During these difficult days of the month, she faces pain, stress and other problems. She takes even medicines for this. But prescription drugs are not good for health. Also, you can do a pedestal which can relieve you of this hassle.  Chakrasana helps in keeping women's menstrual period sinus regularly and controlled. Let us know its method.


First, lie down on the back.

Bend the legs with your knees.

Bring the palms of both hands to the shoulders and rest on the ground.

Keep the elbows up to the sky.

Put some emphasis on the ground. Drag the shoulder and chest towards the sky. Drag the buttock sand and put pressure on the thigh.

Practice stretching the chest, stomach, and thigh towards the max out.

Now gently normalize the breath and come down.

Doing the same will benefit you a lot these days and you can get rid of this pain.

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