Chanakya Niti: These habits of women fill life with troubles, these remedies will end the distances!
Chanakya Niti: These habits of women fill life with troubles, these remedies will end the distances!

Acharya Chanakya, in his treatises, mentioned several habits of women that often lead to discord and conflict within the household. These habits, he observed, could fill a husband's life with strife and tension. Conflict is an inevitable part of life and affects both men and women equally. Certain behaviors, regardless of who exhibits them, can bring negative consequences and create stress in relationships. When women do not support their husbands in times of distress, it leads to a life filled with conflict.

One of the frequently noted habits of women is gossiping about others. This behavior is considered highly negative and can bring negativity into one’s own life. It is advised to distance oneself from such women as soon as possible for one's own well-being. Additionally, women should avoid gossiping about others altogether.

Chanakya emphasized that women should stay away from deceit. According to him, women engage in deceit more often than men. This negative trait can lead them into various troubles and even create distances between them and their husbands. Therefore, women should avoid deceit in their households and families.

Greed is another undesirable trait. In life, having greed for anything is considered a bad habit. Chanakya believed that women tend to be greedier than men, especially for wealth, gold, diamonds, and clothes. Their desires for these items are insatiable, and this constant state of greed leads to household tensions and conflicts with their husbands. To maintain peace and happiness in the home, women should avoid being greedy.

Selfishness can also bring about difficulties. In today’s world, many women know how to get their work done and can easily maneuver through any situation. However, this trait can turn into a vice in certain circumstances. Due to their selfishness, they often face challenges even when they don't want to. Furthermore, Chanakya advised keeping a distance from friends who do not stand by you in difficult times. Everyone remains with you in good times, but a true friend is one who stands by you in times of sorrow.

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