I have an image like this, but sometimes…Kartik Aryan expressed his pain over this matter
I have an image like this, but sometimes…Kartik Aryan expressed his pain over this matter

Kartik Aaryan is currently engrossed in promoting his recent release film 'Chandu Champion'. The film hit the screens earlier this week and has received glowing reviews from critics. Despite this, it hasn't seen the expected response at the box office. Known for his comedic roles, Kartik has had few opportunities to explore serious characters in his career. Now, he seems visibly affected by this.

In a recent interview with Connect Cinema, Kartik Aaryan addressed questions about his sensitive side, stating, "I won't lie. Sometimes, it feels like because of my professional image and the kind of films I've done, a very entertaining image has been created. That's my image, and I consider myself lucky."

The actor further expressed, "But sometimes it feels like a sensitive nature or the person behind it gets overshadowed. I won't do comedy every time. I won't always make people laugh... not just in interviews, but even in films. The kind of films you choose shows how sensitive a person you are. In my previous film 'Satyaprem Ki Katha', I might have portrayed a sensitive nature, or now in 'Chandu Champion', that aspect might come out."

Kartik emphasized the importance of feeling the character from within to portray such roles effectively. He said, "If you don't feel it from within, that thing won't come out. In 'Chandu Champion', I portrayed the character of Murlikant Petkara, who won the first gold in freestyle swimming at the Paralympics and faced 9 bullets in the India-Pakistan war. The film is directed by Kabir Khan."

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