You will never fail if you adopts these things in life

Nov 22 2020 06:05 PM
You will never fail if you adopts these things in life

Acharya Chanakya has highlighted important aspects related to life in Chanakya Niti. In this, he has also pointed towards the resolution of some problems of life. According to the Chanakya Niti, if you are to be free from the cycle of birth and death, then leave the subjects behind which you run for the satisfaction of the senses as if you discard the poison. Apart from this, some other important things are also mentioned in it. Today we have brought you some Nities of Acharya Chanakya with the help of 'Hindi Sahitya Darpan'. By following them in life, people can achieve their purpose and keep their household life happy.

According to Acharya Chanakya, how can anyone change what is in one's origin. According to Chanakya Niti, virtues can arise in the mind of a wicked  The flower that falls on the ground makes the earth smell fragrant, but the flower does not smell like the earth.

According to Chanakya Niti, the person's body is mortal. He should do good work all the time. It further states that there is no permanent value in money. We have death all the time. That is why we should do virtuous deeds immediately.

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