It is very auspicious on the day of Chandra Darshan, know its importance

The first day of moon sighting is important for all Hindus after Amavasya. According to religious belief, the moon is one of the important celestial bodies because it has the property of purity, knowledge, vitality, sensitivity and happiness. Therefore, it is very auspicious to see the moon on the day of lunar philosophy. On this day, people observe a day's fast and worship Lord Moon to shower happiness and prosperity in their lives. This month, this auspicious day will be celebrated on 5th December 2021, the Shukla Paksha of pratipada date.

Chandra Darshan 2021: Date and Auspicious Muhurat:-
Date: December 5, Sunday
Auspicious Date Start: 09:27 AM, December 5
Auspicious Date Ends: 05:50 AM, December 6

Chandra Darshan 2021: Importance:-
According to Hindu texts, moon sighting is considered auspicious because it is a symbol of purity, happiness and knowledge. Also, it affects life on Earth as the Moon is an important planet of the Navagraha. According to the astrological prediction, people whose Moon is positive or in the right place, their life is prosperous and successful. Not only this, Chandra Dev or Lord Moon is married to 27 Nakshatras, which are the daughters of Prajapati Daksha. Also, he is the father of Buddha or the planet, Mercury. Therefore, it is considered auspicious to worship Lord Moon on this day to seek blessings for good luck, success and knowledge.

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