This mahamantra of Maa Lakshmi can give you immense wealth and glory
This mahamantra of Maa Lakshmi can give you immense wealth and glory

Devi Mahalakshmi, consort of Srihari Vishnu, is the presiding deity of wealth, wealth, wealth and happiness. According to mythology, Goddess Lakshmi was born from Samudra Manthan. All the priceless gems originating from the sea, such as Shankha, Moti and Kauri's presiding deity, are Mahalaxmi. Kauri is a gem that is equally valuable as money. In ancient times, trade, purchase-disorders, etc. were done with the Kauri Ratna. Astrology Kamal Nandlal is telling how he became rich from Rodpati. But before that, we know how tomorrow will be beautiful and pleasant.

How are you going to be beautiful tomorrow?

1. Take a bath with a little curd in water.
2. Meditate on Lakshmi and Narayan while taking a bath.
3. Worship Lakshmi and Narayan in Lakshmi Narayan temple or in your home worship and offer pink flowers to them.
4. Chant the mantra "Shriman Jagatprasute Namah"
5. Tilak on the forehead with sandalwood mounted on Lakshmi-Narayan
6. Feed Kheer to Laxmi-Narayan to a girl.

This will benefit your business, the lack of money from home will end and poverty will end. The word "Kauri" is associated with the activity of our life. The person worships it. Women thread it and wear it like jewelry. And gambling is also played with this. We are going to tell you the true meaning of Kauri and the connection of money with Kauri.

* There is a saying - "buy a lot of money", that is, buy at a very low value - that is, it means to buy one's money.
* In Sanatan Dharma, Mr., Mrs., Mr., Ms. seem before any name.
* Like Kauri, Shree also refers to a person's financial status and respect ...
* He who does not have the honor of wealth is Lakshmiless and Shriless.
* Shri He is Lakshmi Lakshmi - That is why Lakshmi's name is Sridevi, Sriprada...
* Laxmi's seed mantra is also "Shrin"
* Who possesses Kauri i.e. money and honor become Lakshmikant and Shrikant means that like Vishnu, he becomes rich and shriman.
* Friday is the best holiday for Lakshmi-Narayan worship.
* In addition to Deepawali, Dhanteras, Sharad Purnima, it is also good to use Kauri on Friday.

How to become a millionaire from Rodpati - In the evening before sunset, install a picture of Lakshmi in the north direction of the house. Make a lamp by mixing perfume in cow's ghee, burn incense sticks of mogre, tilak with abir, and add sugar to the right flame and offer it. After this, offer 22 pieces of turmeric on Mahalaxmi. And chant the mantra "Om Shrin Namah" with a garland of rhinestones. After completing the chant, tie 11 shells in a red cloth and keep it in the vault and let the 11 cowrie flow.

Do these measures according to the zodiac

Aries: Write the vault "Shrin" with sandalwood.
Taurus: Eat yoghurt sugar offered on Mahalakshmi.
Gemini: Keep rice for birds.
Cancer: Feed barley to a white cow.
Leo: Donate silk cloth to a beggar.
Virgo: Put perfume on the throat.
Libra: Use Multani mitti.
Scorpio: Burn camphor in the bedroom.
Sagittarius: In the evening, do a lamp of Shuddhaghi on Tulsi.
Capricorn: Apply perfume on the navel.
Aquarius: Donate flour to the Lakshmi temple.
Pisces: Feed white rice with sweet rice.

Money Mantra - To end the financial crisis, meditate on Mahalakshmi and read the desi section and Srisukta at will. After this, donate the donated desi section to a Suhagan Brahmin. Great Measures- If your money is stagnant, then adopt this experiment on Wednesday 12. Make a rakha by burning 12 shells and tie that ash in a green cloth and let it flow.

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