Charlie Chaplin's body stolen from his grave for ransom, mocked Hitler
Charlie Chaplin's body stolen from his grave for ransom, mocked Hitler

Charlie Chaplin's name appears in the list of great personalities. Whenever we remember him, we remember such a person, who spent his whole life making us laugh. Charlie Chaplin's granddaughter Carmen is about to direct a documentary on him. The name of this documentary will be 'Charlie Chaplin, A Man of the World'. With this, you will be able to know many such things related to the life of a great comedian, which you do not know.

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He was the first actor to get a place on the cover of Time magazine. He was banned by the US due to the communist ideas of Charli's films. Despite this, he received the Oscar Award in 1973. Charlie Chaplin is an immortal name in the world of films. Charlie was born on 16 April 1889 in London. Charlie Chaplin died at the age of 88 on Christmas day in 1977. The body was stolen from his grave three months after Chaplin's burial. The thieves did this to demand money from their family members.

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Charlie Chaplin made the film 'The Great Dictator' in 1940 on Hitler. In this, he mocked Hitler. Charlie Chaplin received the Oscar Award for Best Music in 1973 in 'Lime-Light'. The film was made 21 years ago, but it was not released before 1973 in Los Angeles. The film was nominated for an Oscar after its performance. Also in 1975, Queen Elizabeth II named Charlie Chaplin a knight.

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