Charmy Kaur apologizes for her insensitive video
Charmy Kaur apologizes for her insensitive video

More than 3000 people died due to Coronavirus. Along with this, there is also an actress who is happy to get a case of Coronavirus in India. The actress is none other than the famous Telugu actor and producer Charmy Kaur. Charmy became a victim of criticism on social media after this video, after which she had to apologize.

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Charmy on Monday shared a video in which she was delighted at the Coronavirus case being reported in India, and was being trolled as soon as the video went viral. In this video, Charmy says - "Good luck everyone, because coronavirus has come to Delhi. This is in the news as I heard it."

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Best wishes Coronavirus has arrived. This video of Charmy is going viral. Charmy has since apologized for this insensitive video. She wrote apologizing - I read all your comments and I apologize to all of you for this video. It was a childish act on a very sensitive subject and I will pay attention to my reaction from further on because I did not know much about it."

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