'Tell IG or Bhupesh Baghel, I don't care', audio of SP from Chhattisgarh goes viral

Raipur: Action has been taken against an IPS officer in Chhattisgarh after his alleged audio went viral. The Superintendent of Police has been transferred after the alleged audio of his conversation with the constable went viral. In fact, Indira Kalyan Alesela, superintendent of police of Balodabazar district, misbehaved with a constable. The Superintendent of Police had also said a lot against senior officers. The department was shocked after the audio of their conversation surfaced. The SP has been transferred after the incident came to light.

According to the report, Brahmanand Devangan, a constable from Balodabazar district, was allotted government accommodation. He was currently living in the same accommodation. In January 2021, he received a notice to vacate government accommodation. Regarding this matter, the constable's bar went to the Superintendent of Police. He requested the SP not to vacate the quarters. On this matter, the SP reprimanded the constable and heard a lot. Now his audio is going viral on social media.

In the viral purported audio, the constable is saying that sir, don't vacate the house. He is also having a dispute with his wife on this matter. Ignoring the appeal of the constable, the enraged superintendent of police asked him what is your position. How can you talk to me in such a loud voice? During this, the SP became very angry. Losing his temper, he said that go and tell the IG, Tell his father or Bhupesh Baghel, I don't care. In the viral audio, the SP is also abusing the constable.

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