Check out these 4 ways to make more friends and be social amidst a pandemic

Making friends has never been easy, especially when you’ve reached a certain age when you can’t take your mommy along to meet new people! Meeting new people and befriending them can be intimidating, nerve-wracking and pretty tedious! Moreover, with the ongoing pandemic, the ways to interact with new people have become limited, making it even tougher to combat loneliness. 

At such times, trying to interact with new people might seem impossible, but there are some ways by which you can expand your social circle and make new friends even during a pandemic. Have a look at some such ways below.

You can use social media to your advantage by connecting with people that you met maybe once or twice, at a party. Simply send them a “hi” and let the conversation flow. Reach out to them and expand your social circle. 

Another effective way to be more social amidst a pandemic is to reconnect with old friends, with whom you might have lost touch because of lack of time and busy schedules. The pandemic is the best time to catch up with them and develop the same old bond again.

There are many virtual events that keep taking place, wherein you can easily meet new people. You can also enrol yourself in an online hobby class to meet like-minded people.

A thing to keep in mind while making new friends is that it is not essential for you to make the best of friends with whoever you meet. You can simply make acquaintances just to expand your social circle and get the feeling of being “connected” while keeping the friendship to a bare minimum.


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