This Rape accused will now get Rs 15 lakh, know the whole matter
This Rape accused will now get Rs 15 lakh, know the whole matter

Chennai: A Chennai court has awarded Rs 15 lakh as compensation to man who, as a college student, was arrested on charges of rape and made to face trial for more than seven years. The man was accused of rape by a college student. He was then prosecuted for about seven years. According to media reports, DNA tests of the girl revealed that the youth didn't commit rape.

The young man filed a case for compensation, in which he said that the allegations of false rape ruined his career and life. Partially allowing his plea, the court has ruled to pay compensation of Rs 15 lakh to him as compensation. The court has ordered this compensation amount in return for filing a false complaint by the woman and her parents.

The victim Santosh had demanded Rs 30 lakh as compensation from the girl accused of rape, her parents and the Secretariat Colony Police Inspector. Santosh's lawyer A Sirajuddin said his client's family and the woman's family were neighbors. They belonged to the same community, there was agreement among the families that Santosh would marry the woman. However, the family later separated after a property dispute, after which the family of the woman had filed this false case.

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