Chennai: Lover Killed his girlfriend, posted her picture on his status
Chennai: Lover Killed his girlfriend, posted her picture on his status

A tragic incident unfolded on Friday, December 1, 2023, in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, where a student hailing from Kerala met a horrifying fate at the hands of her boyfriend, Ashik. The victim, Fauzia, a 20-year-old enrolled in a private nursing college in Chromepet, Chennai, originally hailed from Kollam, Kerala. She resided in a girls' hostel in New Colony.

Fauzia had been in a relationship with Ashik for five years. However, on that fateful day, Ashik reportedly strangled Fauzia to death during an altercation at a hotel in Chromepet. He callously posted a photo of her lifeless body on his WhatsApp status, prompting Fauzia's friends to alert the authorities immediately.

Upon receiving the distressing information, the police rushed to the scene, discovering the tragic aftermath. CCTV footage captured Ashik fleeing from the hotel premises on the day of the incident. Law enforcement later apprehended him.

Initial investigations unveiled a distressing motive behind the fatal confrontation: Fauzia had discovered Ashik's infidelity with another woman, leading to a heated argument that tragically ended in her demise at his hands.

Further revelations shed light on Fauzia's past, revealing that she had become pregnant at the age of 17. Ashik's involvement in this matter led to his arrest under the Protection of Children from Sexual Offenses (POCSO) Act. Subsequently, Fauzia gave birth to a child who was later placed for adoption. Despite Ashik's incarceration, upon his visits to Chennai post-release, he would reconnect with Fauzia.

This heartbreaking incident not only resulted in the loss of a young life but also exposed a disturbing series of events leading up to the tragedy.

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