If there is mole rat in your house, you are very lucky, know how?
If there is mole rat in your house, you are very lucky, know how?

There are so many things around the world, some of which are considered auspicious and some inauspicious. It is considered auspicious to have a rat in the house. The mole rat is brown, white, black and beige. It is a very dangerous animal and it has the ability to eat rats and snakes. No one can dare to eat it except an owl, but today we are going to tell you the benefits of having a mole rat at home.

Benefits of being at home -

1. If you see a mole rat passing by your side then you will have some great benefit in the near future.

2. It is said that if it revolves around the house, then it brings bad luck.

3. It is believed that if a person sees a mole on the night of Diwali, it is lucky. A person becomes very lucky and all his problems related to money gets solved.

4. It is said that Lakshmi arrives in the house where the mole stays. 

5. It is believed that where there is mole rat, there are no rats, snakes, insects and other animals.

6. It is said that there is no bacteria where there is a mole.

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