8 lakh Naxal brothers surrender after sisters appeal on Raksha Bandhan
8 lakh Naxal brothers surrender after sisters appeal on Raksha Bandhan

Yesterday i.e. on August 3, all the brothers and sisters celebrated the festival of Rakhi. Meanwhile, Rakshabandhan has brought happiness for the Lingay of Palanar in Chhattisgarh. Yes, here, the young man who joined the Naxal organization from the age of 12 has surrendered. Let us tell you that the young man's name is Malla and he had a reward of 8 lakhs. It is being told that Malla of Sukma district has surrendered to the police on the initiative of his sister Linge.

When the sister got this news, she happily tied a rakhi on her brother's wrist this time. It is being told that after 14 years Naxalite Malla came to meet his family members. At the same time, when he was going back to meet the family, his sister became his shield. During this time, the sister stopped him from going back. The sister took him to the police and got him surrendered. Let us tell you that this Rakhi festival was very special for Lingay because Linge had to wait for years to tie a rakhi on his elder brother's wrist.

Now this year, Linge has tied a rakhi to her brother and has performed his aarti. He fed his brother sweets and wished the brother a long life. All this happened according to a police campaign. Let me tell you that Malla has returned home after 14 years on the call of his sister. He said, 'Looking at the sister and family, she changed his mind and at the behest of her sister, he laid down her arms in front of the police.'

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