Chhattisgarh's CM lauded Citizens of Raipur for Making it Clean City
Chhattisgarh's CM lauded Citizens of Raipur for Making it Clean City

Chhattisgarh's Chief Minister Raman Singh praises the citizens of Raipur to make the city clean. He reached the venue of the Garbage Management workshop which is organized by the smart city Raipur. While speaking at the workshop the Chief Minister Ram Singh said that "I congratulate the citizens of the capital, who are awakening people's consciousness about cleanliness in others without any name, "The citizens of the capital Raipur have made a campaign of hygiene a mass movement with their participation and willpower. Now we have to keep Raipur clean and 'open defecation' free," Raman Singh said.

The garbage management workshop was attended by Urban Administration Minister Amar Agrawal, MLA Satyanarayan Sharma, Devji Bhai Patel and Chand S. Sundarani, along with Mayor of Municipal Corporation Pramod Dubey, and Chairman Praful Vishwakarma. At the workshop, the Cheif Minister honored the 5 AM Army award along with many organizations, including citizens who contribute themselves in the cleanliness movement. 

At the workshop event, the Cheif Minister has said that cleanliness is the first ever priority for the Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Raman Singh also said that " the percentage of the cleanliness has increased from 18 to 82% which is a really a commendable thing. He also said he only want such initiatives from the people which can make the city even cleaner and better. 

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