Children' Day Special: This recipes going to bring smile on those cute little faces
Children' Day Special: This recipes going to bring smile on those cute little faces

Well, today is the day to celebrate the happy presence in our lives which fills our life with laughter and full of fun. Yes, here we are talking about the children who with their innocent face make the world a more bearable place right?? We celebrate Children's Day on November 14, it is time to which make the day special for the kids in our lives. And the most easiest way to bring a smile on their faces is to prepare for them the food they love to grabe. 

Today we will not talk about the healiest food but today we will only talk about mouth-watering receipes which will definately bring smile to your little ones. Today we are going to  prepare what they absolutely love-pizza, pasta, noodles, cupcakes and cakes! Making them at home is always a healthier option as you not just get an opportunity to give a personalized touch to their food, but also control the quality of ingredients that go into the making of these recipes. Try out these amazing recipes and thank us later!

 ​Homemade Pasta in White Sauce

The receipe is made in a variety of sauces, pasta is one of the most famous Italian recipes. Homemade Pasta in White Sauce is a tasty creamy pasta recipe tossed in a  fresh cream with baby corns and mushrooms. Children just  love pasta and so do the adults, so this pasta recipe will be an ultimate winner in your household. Try it!

Chocolate Sponge Cake

Preparing an amazing chocolate cake is a classic way to impress your guests and kids! However, if you are not as great in baking as you should be, one of the simple recipes that will help you impressing them is, Chocolate Sponge Cake. 

 Chicken Cheese Burger

With cheese oozing out of the burger buns, this snack recipe is sure to be liked by people of all age groups. This snack recipe is loved by children and goes best on occasions like birthday parties and game nights. 

Veg Spring Rolls

One of the most  popular Chinese recipe. Fresh vegetables as stuffing makes this roll recipe a healthy one. This easy recipe when garnished with chopped spring onions and served hot with red chilli sauce or tomato ketchup is to die for!

Cheese Fries

Cheese Fries is a delicious snack recipe that your kids are going to love! It is made using French fries, cheddar cheese and white sauce.


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