Chin10 Patel At The Peak Of Success In Music Industry

With the advent of technology in this era, the field of music has hit an extraordinary level of musical trend and there has been a triumphant mix of various musical talents along with the discovery of young and talented artists all along the country. Chin10 Patel, the renowned artist from Chicago, is now making his imprint in musical production more impactful with his unique treatment of ragas and tunes by mixing and matching with the oldest and new symphonies.

Hailing from India and being raised in a surrounding with not so much history in musical advancements in the family, Chin10 had a tricky childhood where he was often confused in recognising his passion, before he stumbled upon his taste for music. At the age of 18, Chin10 began experimenting with various musical instruments that he was quite fascinated about. The joy he gained from mixing up various musical instruments made him fall in love with music creation and eventually lead him to follow the path of songs.

Following his tiny experiments with music in his childhood, Chin10 started becoming a lot more passionate about the way he approached music. At the age of 19, he used FL Studio to create some mesmerising content which put his friends into a spell. That was the moment of truth for Chin10. His classmates urged him to continue with such mixes as they found it followed a trend in music different to the ones they heard around them.

Years later, the one decision to follow his passion made all the changes in his life that he's now grateful for. His famous hit song was ‘Mint’. He is now a Music producer, Composer, Sound designer and Assistant director to name a few. There was no turning back for Chin10 from moment of fame.

Following the victory born out of constant hardwork, Chin10 became a part of various musical projects. 
He's now working with big renowned artists and celebrities.With more stones of victories to step on, he strives forward with a fire of passion.

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