China and Nigeria Forge New Ties in Beijing Talks and Committee Meeting
China and Nigeria Forge New Ties in Beijing Talks and Committee Meeting

Beijing: Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi met with Nigeria's Foreign Minister Yusuf Maitama Tuggar in Beijing on Friday, marking a significant step in bilateral relations. The ministers also participated in the inaugural Plenary Session of the China-Nigeria Inter-governmental Committee.

Building Stronger China-Nigeria Relations
During their discussions, Minister Wang, a member of the Political Bureau of the Communist Party of China Central Committee, emphasized Nigeria's substantial influence in Africa. He highlighted that strong ties between China and Nigeria could set an example for broader China-Africa relations.

Wang expressed China's commitment to being a supportive brother, a mutually beneficial partner, a friend advocating fairness and justice, and a promoter of peace and stability. He stressed cooperation aimed at mutual development and revitalization, aiming to elevate relations with Nigeria and Africa to new heights.

Nigeria's Commitment and Collaboration
Minister Tuggar reaffirmed Nigeria's adherence to the one-China principle and expressed eagerness to enhance high-level exchanges and strategic communication with China. He emphasized the importance of practical cooperation, proposing closer collaboration to unite Global South countries, uphold multilateralism, and ensure fairness and justice.

Both sides discussed deepening China-Africa cooperation, particularly in preparation for the upcoming Forum on China-Africa Cooperation scheduled for this fall.

Strengthening Inter-governmental Cooperation
At the Plenary Session, Minister Wang highlighted the pivotal role of the China-Nigeria Inter-governmental Committee in promoting practical cooperation over its three-year existence. He underscored the need for continued consensus-building and cooperation to advance China-Nigeria and China-Africa relations, contributing to a shared future for humanity.

Mutual Strategic Partnership
Minister Wang emphasized maintaining strategic bilateral relations and enhancing economic and trade cooperation. He emphasized the importance of tangible cooperation outcomes that benefit both nations' populations.

Forward Momentum
The China-Nigeria Inter-governmental Committee, as the first of its kind between China and an African nation, aims to translate leadership consensus into actionable cooperation plans. Both sides concluded the session with a joint statement, affirming their commitment to deeper trust and expanded cooperation across various sectors.

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