China bans sports events and gathering in schools
China bans sports events and gathering in schools

Beijing: The invasion of Corona has been becoming an enemy of people's lives. Due to this virus, fear is spreading all over the world. Every day, thousands of deaths are occurring worldwide due to Coronavirus. Today, due to Corona, many innocent lives have become victims of death. In view of the Coronavirus cases, the Ministry of Education of China has banned major sporting events and large gatherings in school campuses to ensure the safety and health of students and teachers. The news agency said on Monday that according to a guideline issued by the ministry, major sports events including singles events have been suspended.

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According to the information, the guidelines have asked schools to make adjustments for students' physical education, sports training and exercise activities, according to local epidemic prevention and control requirements. 9,77,000 students from junior and senior high schools returned to the class room. The students were wearing masks. Their body temperature was checked before entering the school.

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It is worth mentioning that the cases of corona infection have started increasing again in China. 108 new cases were reported during the last twenty four hours. Among them, 98 are people from abroad. Earlier on March 6, the highest number of 143 cases of infection were detected in the country. A day ago, 99 cases were reported. Meanwhile, the death toll in the country rose to 3,341 after two more people died in the worst-hit Hubei province.

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