China-Congress Secret Deal: Anti-India Impact
China-Congress Secret Deal: Anti-India Impact

New Delhi: On Monday (August 7), BJP MP Nishikant Dubey raised the issue of Chinese funding to Leftist propaganda news outlet Newsclick in the Lok Sabha. For this, Nishikant Dubey cited the recent revelations made by the American newspaper The New York Times in a detailed article on Saturday (August 5). Quoting the findings of the report in the Lok Sabha, Dubey said, 'Chinese goods are being sold at Rahul Gandhi's hate shop, The New York Times has published an interesting report, which states that, an organization like Newsclick is almost 38 crores have been received.

He further said in Parliament that, 'The newspaper report also reiterates the findings of the Enforcement Directorate (ED) that NewsClick is a part of the anti-India, tukde-tukde gang. Whose owner (Prabir) is Purkayastha. The BJP leader said the money deposited by the owner of Newsclick was sent to Maoists, Naxalites and alleged propagandists like (Abhisar) Sharma, Rohini Singh and Swati Chaturvedi. He said that the Chinese government is also spending money to create anti-India stories. Nishikant Dubey also exposed the Congress and CCP Agreement with the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). He accused the Congress of secretly holding talks with China during the infamous Doklam standoff of 2017.

Nishikant Dubey said, "Congress wants to create unrest in India through social media, journalists and the Chinese government, I want to urge the Government of India to investigate the funds received by the party and put the accused behind bars. " 

Funding of NewsClick from China:-

Let us tell you that, on Saturday (August 5), the New York Times published a detailed article, which revealed the ties of an American businessman with the Chinese government and his financial support to an Indian left-wing propaganda outlet called NewsClick. According to the US-based newspaper, a millionaire named Neville Roy Singham is funding several news publications around the world (including India) to promote Chinese propaganda. 

The article states that, 'What is less known, and hidden among the tangle of non-profit groups and shell companies, is that Neville Roy Singham works closely with the Chinese state media machine and has been spreading propaganda around the world. I am funding for its promotion. The New York Times has further reported that Singham has been successful in spreading the Chinese government's narrative under the guise of 'progressive advocacy' in countries such as India, Brazil, South Africa and the United States. Neville Roy Singham, who has strong ties with the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), is contributing significantly to China's covert war.

The New York Times said in its article that, “Under Xi Jinping's rule, China has expanded state media operations, teamed up with foreign outlets and groomed foreign influencers. Its goal is to hide Chinese propaganda under the guise of independent content. The report further said, "As a result, there has been an organic growth of far-left groups, and they are repeating Chinese talk under the guise of independent media, and also running the propaganda of Chinese state media.". 

During its investigation, the American newspaper found that Neville Roy Singham funded an India-based leftist propaganda outlet called NewsClick. It said that the news outlet had repeated the CCP's words in the past. According to the report, 'In New Delhi, corporate filings reveal that Singham's network funded a news site, NewsClick, which linked its coverage to issues with the Chinese government. The New York Times said, 'China has a history of influencing the working classes.'

Why questions are being raised on Congress, secret deal between Congress and CCP:- 

Let us inform that, on August 7, 2008, a (secret) agreement (Congress and CCP Agreement) was signed between the Congress Party led by Sonia Gandhi and the Communist Party of China (CPC). This Communist Party of China (CPC) is also called China's Communist Party ie CCP. In 2008, during UPA1, the Congress Party and the Communist Party of China (CPC) signed an agreement in Beijing for high-level information exchange and cooperation between them. The Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) also provided the two sides with an "opportunity to consult each other on important bilateral, regional and international developments". At that time, the Rajiv Gandhi Foundation of the Congress had also received a donation from the Chinese government  .

The first meeting took place in 2017, when Rahul Gandhi had a meeting with Luo Zhaohui, the Chinese ambassador to India, especially at a time when the Doklam standoff was going on between India and China and Rahul was cornering the government on the issue. At first, the Congress party denied such meetings and termed as 'fake news' the news reports that said Rahul had indeed met Chinese officials. However, the Congress party had to face huge embarrassment when the Chinese Embassy itself confirmed the meeting between the then Rahul Gandhi and the Chinese envoy. Even at that time, questions were raised that why did Rahul meet the Chinese envoy amidst the deadlock, and even if he did meet, why did the Congress hide this fact? What was discussed in this secret meeting?

The meeting was particularly suspicious, as at the time the Congress party and Rahul Gandhi were strongly attacking the Indian government over its stand in the ongoing military standoff with China. Subsequently, Rahul Gandhi himself revealed about the secret meeting with some Chinese ministers during his Kailash Mansarovar visit in September 2018. The meeting was initially kept secret, but later Rahul Gandhi revealed the details of the meeting, which accidentally led to the deaths of people. Even more speculation is rife as to why both the Congress party and China were trying to cover up the meeting. Rahul Gandhi, then president of India's main opposition party, secretly met with Chinese government officials and took steps to keep the meetings secret.

Rahul Gandhi's mysterious relationship with China: -

Not only the MoU, but also the close ties between the Chinese leadership and the Congress party, especially Rahul Gandhi, came to the fore during the Doklam standoff a few years ago, when Rahul Gandhi was caught secretly meeting Chinese officials. Rahul Gandhi was caught meeting Chinese officials not once but twice, raising doubts among policy makers about the intention of his secret meeting with the Chinese.


Why does the Congress have any objection to the evil of China?

Similarly in another incident, Congress leader and leader of the Congress party in Lok Sabha Adhir Ranjan Chowdhury tweeted against China for its aggression along the LAC in May and issued some warnings to China while praising the Indian forces. Criticizing China, the Congress leader warned the communist nation how Indian forces could "kill poisonous snakes" like China and said the whole world was watching China's sinister designs. Along with this, Chaudhary called China a "yellow expansionist". Chowdhary also urged the Modi government to grant diplomatic recognition to Taiwan "without any delay".

However, Adhir Ranjan Chowdhary's voice against China was silenced in no time. Congress Leader of Opposition in Lok Sabha Adhir Ranjan Chowdhury was forced to delete his tweet against China as it reportedly did not go down well with the Congress leadership. Following Chaudhary's aggressive tweet against China, Rajya Sabha MP and senior Congress leader Anand Sharma soon issued a clarification for the anti-China tweet by Congress leader Chaudhary. Anand Sharma had tweeted that, 'Congress recognizes and values ​​the special strategic partnership between India and China. As the world's two ancient civilizations and large economies, both the countries are set to make important contributions in the 21st century.

Rahul Gandhi's double attitude towards China: -

In the past, when India's border dispute with China was going on, till then the entire Congress, including Rahul Gandhi, was attacking the Government of India in one voice. Claims were being made by China to occupy Indian land. Rahul had even said that China is beating our soldiers and the government is not doing anything. Although the Defense Minister, the Law Minister and the Army itself had told that the situation on the border was under control, yet Rahul's political attacks continued. It is also worth noting that, not even once during this period did the Congress or Rahul Gandhi criticize China while showing solidarity with the Government of India. But, when the same Rahul Gandhi went to Britain in March 2023, while giving a speech at Cambridge University there, he said, "China is a peace-loving country." There the government functions like a corporation.” These two statements of Rahul are contradictory, in India he says that, China is occupying our land, beating Indian soldiers and the government is sleeping, while going abroad they say that China likes peace. Now in the statements of Rahul Gandhi, the softness or love towards China is seen behind the same agreement. (Congress and CCP Agreement) There can be a reason, otherwise, Rahul Gandhi does not describe China as peace-loving, which is persecuting millions of Uygar Muslims.    

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