Corona counterattacks in China, 16 new cases surfaced in Wuhan
Corona counterattacks in China, 16 new cases surfaced in Wuhan

Beijing: Once back in Wuhan city of China, coronavirus cases have started appearing. Some new cases of Corona were registered in Wuhan city in the past. Now on Sunday, a new case of corona and 15 untreated cases have been reported. On giving information in this regard, China's National Health Commission said that a new case of corona has been found, while local infection has not been recorded yet.

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According to a report in the Global Times, China's experts are considering people's concerns over a possible second wave of the coronavirus epidemic after new cases of coronavirus emerged in two provinces. Experts have described such sporadic cases as normal. Even after a growing number of new infection cases in China, medical experts in China say the infections reported in clusters in Wuhan, Hubei Province and Shulan, Jilin Province are minor. It also does not mean that the second wave is faster.

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Reportedly, as of Sunday, new cases of corona have been reported in Wuhan, all belonging to the local community. A local official was suspended on Monday for negligence by the ruling Communist Party of China after new cases surfaced. In addition, the city of Shulan in Jilin province, bordering North Korea, introduced martial law after a sudden spurt in Corono infection cases.

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