China: Cases of Corona Virus reported in jails
China: Cases of Corona Virus reported in jails

India's neighboring country, Karona virus which is wreaking havoc in China, is also taking prisoners in jails. The virus has infected 234 prisoners from two prisons outside Hubei province. The officers, who are believed to be responsible for spreading the virus in jails, have been removed. These jails are in the northern province of Shandong and the eastern province of Zhejiang. According to officials, 258 new cases were reported outside Hubei province on Thursday. The provincial Justice Department head of Shandong has been dismissed after 207 prisoners were infected at Jining City's Rencheng Jail.

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According to media reports, the first case of virus infection was reported on February 13 in Rencheng Jail. The official statement said that action has also been taken against seven jail officials and they have been thrown out. The Shandong Provincial Government Deputy Secretary-General Yu-Cheng said that the investigation has found that some departments did not comply with their responsibilities properly. Not only this, but the steps taken by him to prevent disease were also not concrete.

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Regarding the virus, health officials in Shandong told that a hospital in Jining city has been asked to treat the prisoners infected with the virus. Not only this, facilities for treatment of prisoners will also be provided within the jail. The government has sent a team to investigate this negligence. The virus has caught 27 prisoners in Zhejiang province this week. The government has also taken action on this second incident of negligence and has dismissed the director of the Shilifeng Jail in Zhejiang and the head of the Communist Party. In an official statement issued by the provincial government, it has been said that an investigation has also been conducted in the case of the virus outbreak in the jail.

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