Big statement of Computer Baba says 'The way Shivraj government dug up rivers in 15 years ...'
Big statement of Computer Baba says 'The way Shivraj government dug up rivers in 15 years ...'

Dabra : A big statement came from Computer Baba in which he said that those who harm the rivers illegally by removing sand, whether it is a leader, officer or public, will be called a thief. Whoever steals will not be spared. If Shivraj government were there, rivers would not have survived in the coming days. Mother Narmada, mother Kshipra and mother Mandakini river trust MP President Computer Baba said this during the Dabra tour last Thursday.

Computer Baba told that sand should be removed from the sand policy. By illegally mining sand, rivers are not being harmed. Action should be taken on illegal mining of sand. Thieves will not be spared in Kamal Nath government. They have come out to inspect the rivers and have asked the district administration to plant saplings along the rivers to save the rivers, so that the greenery remains.

The illegal sand quarrying in Dabra and Bhitarwar is still going on and is going on under the supervision of the administrative officials. On this question, Computer Baba said that I do not believe that the district administration is working like this, due to the way Do not think that it is Kamal Nath government, which is trying to curb. Extracting sand through submarines from the rivers has made deep pits in the rivers. On this, he told that the way the Shivraj government has dug the rivers in 15 years, and if it had been done, the rivers would not have survived in the coming days, what would we tell our children that there used to be a river here. Taking a meeting of SDM and Tehsildar, Computer Baba told that greenery should remain on the banks of the rivers, take saplings along with them and take care of them. So that later, after inspecting the sand ghat at the same Raipur, Datia left, the mine which was closed a few days ago.

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