China hatches new conspiracy against India, Dragon is not going to move from Pangong

Aug 01 2020 10:48 AM
China hatches new conspiracy against India, Dragon is not going to move from Pangong

Tensions between India and China have increased since the encounter between the Indian Army and the Chinese Army in Ladakh in the past. Meanwhile, there is serious skepticism about the usefulness and relevance of the 5th round of military-level talks between India and China with the intention of restoring normal status in eastern Ladakh. Chinese Ambassador Sun Weidong's statement regarding Pangong Lake is being investigated on Thursday at the diplomatic and strategic level.

Government officials believe that Ambassador Sun Weidong has clarified the intention of Xi Jinping and the People's Liberation Army that the Chinese army is not going to withdraw from Pangong Lake. Former Army Chief General (Senator) Ved Malik said in his statement on Friday that the statement of the Chinese ambassador has almost exhausted any progress expected from the corps commander talks on LAC.

High ranking sources said that if China is really intent on not withdrawing from Pangong, then India will have two options. First, the army remained there to stop the upcoming maneuver of China. Second, in order to drive the Chinese out of their land, they adopted the path of war. However, it is certain that China is not completely removed from Gogra's Patrolling Points 17 and 17A. On the other hand, Depsang remains constantly stressed. Sources said that Special Representative NSA Ajit Doval and his Chinese counterpart Wang Yi are going to discuss the issue soon. It is also expected that the path will be found out between it. However, nothing can be said for sure.

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