Corona infection found in this fruit, banned!

Corona's omicron variant is spreading rapidly among the people this time. It has multifarious speed and has become far more dangerous and exposed to the world. Let me tell you all that it has hit almost all the countries. None of the coronavirus variants that have been reported so far has found evidence of corona infection in food items, although there have been shocking reports in the meantime. In fact, coronavirus has also been found in dragon fruit in China. You won't believe it at all, but it's true. The dragon fruits are said to have come from Vietnam.

Several Chinese supermarkets have been shut down in view of the news that has surfaced. Reports have also revealed that fruit testing in nine cities in China's Zhejiang and Jiangxi provinces has confirmed the coronavirus. After this, fruit buyers have also been ordered to be quarantined. Not only that, now an inquiry has been initiated into the food items coming from abroad.

Let me tell you that China has banned the import of Dragon Fruit from Vietnam till January 26 after the coronavirus was recently confirmed in Dragon Fruit. You must be aware that the coronavirus was confirmed in Dragon Fruit in China last week. Moreover, you must be aware that there is already a lockdown in China's Xi'an city after the coronavirus cases increased. A lockdown has also been imposed in Yuzhu city.

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