China pledges to follow dynamic zero-Covid approach as cases mount

BEIJING: As the number of  Covid cases rises, China commits to stick to a dynamic zero-Covid policy. China will stick to its dynamic zero-Covid approachsaid National Health Commission (NHC) spokesperson.

 NHC Spokesperson Mi Feng said, China is facing a severe challenge in containing Covid-19, as the number of local cases, both symptomatic and asymptomatic, is fast increasing and the virus continues to spread in some localities. As per NHC's latest data, the Chinese mainland had 1,383 locally transmitted confirmed cases and 19,089 asymptomatic cases on Tuesday.

Mi urged local governments to set up quarantine facilities and have temporary hospitals ready in case of a Covid-19 breakout, as per reports. He also emphasised the importance of making every effort to ensure the supply of everyday basics and to meet people's medical treatment needs.

More people, particularly the elderly, should be vaccinated against the coronavirus, he said. According to the NHC, more than 1.24 billion people on the Chinese mainland have been properly vaccinated against Covid-19 as of Tuesday.

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