New variant XE of corona knocked, know how much more dangerous than omicron
New variant XE of corona knocked, know how much more dangerous than omicron

Even though the cases of corona infection have started to decrease now, but still in many countries, the cases of coronavirus are increasing rapidly these days. Yes, and in China, due to this, a lockdown has been imposed in many cities. Amidst all this, now a new variant of coronavirus XE has been knocked. Yes, and who has said that this new variant is 10% more infectious than omicron. A recent study by the British Health Security Agency of the UK has shown that there are currently 3 hybrid COVID variants in operation.

And it has Delta and BA. Two different variants born from a combination of 1 are XD and XF, while the third is XE. According to the report that emerged, the XE variant ba two sub-lenses of the old omicron. 1 and BA. There is a recombinant strain of 2. However, the WHO in its recent report has said that unless significant changes are noticed in the transmission and disease behaviour of the XE variant, it will be linked to the omicron variant itself. Let everyone know who says ba. The 2 sub-variants have now become the biggest concern for the world, with the number of sequenced cases accounting for about 86 percent. The XE strain was first detected in the UK on January 19 and since then more than 600 XE cases have been confirmed.

Suzanne Hopkins, an expert at Britain's health security agency, says there is not enough evidence to draw conclusions about the infectivity, and severity of the new variant XE. It is also not known whether the vaccine will work on this or not. Apart from this, experts have also said that recombinant variants can also be as dangerous as earlier variants, and they contain spikes and structural proteins from the same virus (such as XE or XF). Yes, and of these, XD seems to be the most worrying variant and patients infected with this variant have been found in Germany, the Netherlands and Denmark.

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