India comes forward to help starving Sri Lanka, now sends 4000 tonnes of rice after $1 billion
India comes forward to help starving Sri Lanka, now sends 4000 tonnes of rice after $1 billion

New Delhi: Neighbouring Sri Lanka has been grappling with inflation and a severe economic crisis for the past few days. The crisis of bankruptcy is looming large over the debt-ridden neighbouring country of many countries, almost exhausted and foreign exchange reserves are almost overrun. Many countries have come forward to bail Out Sri Lanka from this crisis, but India is playing the biggest role in this.

India has sent 40,000 tonnes of rice to Sri Lanka to end hunger. The most relief is that rice is being supplied ahead of a major festival in Sri Lanka. It is expected that this assistance by India will bring some relief to Sri Lanka. In Sri Lanka, a state of emergency has been imposed across the country due to a severe economic crisis and massive protests. In the wake of the violence and protests, the President has announced a curfew across the country. There were two kilometres long lines for fuel at the petrol pump. Food items became so expensive that people are forced to sleep hungry.  

The situation is that milk is selling even more expensive than petrol. The price of a cup of tea has gone up to Rs 100. Chilli is being sold at the rate of Rs 700 per kg. One has to pay up to Rs 200 for a kilo of potato. The shortage of fuel is also having an impact on power generation. Now many cities are facing power cuts for 12 to 15 hours. In such a situation, India has immediately given one billion dollars in aid to Sri Lanka.  

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