China removes 105 apps including TripAdvisor under cleansing campaign
China removes 105 apps including TripAdvisor under cleansing campaign

Following India’s ban on unwanted applications, China has also launched a digital strike. According to a report released by Reuters, the Chinese government has banned 105 apps. The China govt has banned popular apps from many major countries, including that of the United States. These apps have been ordered to be removed from the App Store immediately. 

The Cyberspace Administration of China said in a statement on its website on Tuesday that the apps violated one or more of three cyber laws, without providing details for each app. It has removed 105 apps including that of U.S. travel firm TripAdvisor Inc from app stores in the country, under a new campaign to cleanse stores of apps it deems spread content related to pornography, prostitution, gambling and violence.

The authority said it started the campaign on Nov. 5 in response to a strong reaction from the general public to content deemed offensive. It said it would continue to regulate apps and remove those in violation of the law in a timely manner. China heavily regulates its cyberspace and punishments for transgressions are not uncommon, irrespective of whether the app is operated by a domestic or foreign company.

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