Rafale practice increases China's trouble, 36 bombers take off at Hotan airbase
Rafale practice increases China's trouble, 36 bombers take off at Hotan airbase

Ladakh: On the Line of Actual Control (LAC) in Ladakh, the heat of India and China forces continues but these days the tension of China is increasing. Fearing the 5 Rafale of India, China has stopped 36 bomber aircraft at its Hotan airbase. There has been a lot of turmoil at Hotan airbase of China near LAC, it seems that China has deployed all its fighter jets. Questions have arisen that why there is a stir in China? This has created a stir by Rafale of India, as soon as China has come under tension. The whole game and all the equations changed with the arrival of Rafael. On July 28, China has deployed its 36 fighter jets at Hotan Airbase in Afra-Tafari. Among these fighter jets are 24, J-11 bombers, made in Russia, 6 old J-8 fighter jets. There are 2 Y-8G transports jets. 2 KJ-500 airborne early warning aircraft and 2 MI-17 helicopters have also been deployed.

Talking about the situation before Rafale, there were Chinese bombers in Houston even before that, but only 12 have been deployed which has now been increased to 36. This is an increase of nearly 300%. China also knows that all its aircraft from Hotan are not capable of flying. Even though you have heard that China's military strength is much higher than other countries, but the reality is that due to the problem of terrain in this region, it does not have air strips of its kind.

In the event of war, Chinese bombers will not only fly from Hotan airbase, it is also ready to fly from Kashgar and Nagari Kunsha airbase. But the distance from Ladakh to Kashgar is 350 km and Nagari is 190 km from Kushan. When the Chinese bombers are going from far away, India will deal with it very comfortably. The air defense system in Ladakh is set up for a similar situation. China's fighter jets cannot fly 12-12 hours in the air like Rafale. It means to say that even 5 Rafale of India can adopt the method of failing its entire plan and fighter jets like MiG-29K and Sukhoi have already been done in Ladakh.

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