China tests missiles amid Corona crisis, neighboring countries in panic

Beijing: While the coronavirus epidemic has caused panic all over the world, China is not deterring its poor acts. China once again demonstrated its strength in front of the entire world on 11 April, in which the Chinese Navy took part in realistic maritime operations. After this action of China, the whole world is in panic. About 10 days before this, China had also conducted military maneuvers at an undisclosed location. Due to which the neighboring countries were in panic.

Japan and Taiwan are the most troubled by China's military drills. This time, China has launched missiles equipped with guided missiles in Yulin and Sochung warships in the sea area of South China. Hundreds of bombs, missiles and guided missiles were tested by China from these two warships. In this exercise, the Chinese Navy conducted exercises such as formation maneuvers, live-fire operations, anti-submarine warfare, joint salvage.

The official site of the Chinese military has given its pictures to the Chinese official newspaper Global Times. Let us tell you that Japan and Taiwan are present in the sea located near the southern part of China. Now these two countries fear that China may attack on them with the help of Coronavirus.

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