America's condition gets worsens, more than 5 lakh cases of coronavirus so far
America's condition gets worsens, more than 5 lakh cases of coronavirus so far

Washington: More than 114000 deaths have occurred due to the virus, while millions of people have been infected with this virus. In such a situation, it is a bit difficult for scientists to say how long will be able to get rid of this disease. According to Johns Hopkins University data, the number of coronavirus cases in the United States has exceeded 5,55,000.

According to the information received, more than 22 thousand people have died due to Kovid-19 in the country. Of which 6,898 people have died in New York City alone. The number of people infected with Coronavirus in America has already surpassed that of Spain and Italy. Both European countries are severely affected by the virus. In Spain, 17,209 people have died due to the Corona epidemic, while 1,66,831 people are infected. In Italy, 1,56,363 people are infected with the virus, while 19,899 people have died.

Order to help Italy: Trump has ordered to help Italy battling Corona. Trump said, 'Our close and old ally, Italy is getting devastated by the Kovid-19 epidemic. His health system is on the verge of collapse and the risk of deep recession on the economy has increased.

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