Over 5000 people arrested in China due to coronavirus
Over 5000 people arrested in China due to coronavirus

The incidents of crime like theft, robbery are old, nowadays incidents like not wearing masks, hiding travel history are coming out. In fact, in China, more than 5 thousand people have been detained only after being convicted of crimes caused by the virus. A shopkeeper beat the customer badly for not wearing a mask in the supermarket, leading to his death.

Around 5800 people are accused of killing health workers in China. These health workers were using medical devices with flaws and were hiding their travel history. He has been arrested in China for epidemic related crimes which was happening here since January this year.

The Supreme Court of People's Procuratiate said on Thursday, "Between January and July, 5,797 people were arrested and 6,755 people were arrested." However, he did not say in his statement how many people are still under arrest and how many people were imprisoned. China controls the novel coronavirus. In December 2019, the first case of fatal virus infection was reported in Wuhan of the country, after which strict lockdown was implemented all over the world, after which contact tracing and close monitoring of the neighborhood of people started. Many smartphone apps were launched in the country to easily trace people who are likely to be infected. It is mandatory to wear masks in supermarkets, cinema, public transport etc. In recent times there are no cases of local transmission in China.

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