Now China will also ban single-use plastic, steps taken on the lines of India
Now China will also ban single-use plastic, steps taken on the lines of India

Beijing: On the lines of India, China is also planning to ban single-use plastic in its country. This type of information has been given in a media report on Monday. The National Development and Reform Commission has issued a new policy for this on Sunday. According to the information, this policy will be implemented in China for the next 5 years. Plastic bags will be banned in all cities of China by 2020, although new traders can get a discount by 2025.

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According to information received from sources, it has also been said that 0.025 mm width plastic has also been banned in China. The commission has said that it will be necessary for restaurant traders to ban 30 percent single use plastic. In this order, it has been said by the hotel owners of China that no single-use plastic will be given to any consumers until the year 2025. China has been struggling with the problem of waste for many years. China has become a very big place in the garbage heap. At the same time, in 2017, China was the only country that collected 215 million urban domestic waste, but its national recycling figure is not available. China produced 60 million tonnes of plastic waste in 2010. The US produced 38 million.

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China is not the only country that has planned about the single-use plastic ban. Thailand has also announced the closure of single-use plastic bags in the main store earlier. At the same time, it is also being said that Thailand has a target of single use plastic ban in the entire city by 2021. Whereas in Indonesia, by 2020, the target of closing single use plastic bags in all markets was set. During this time, Malaysia has sent 150 shipping containers of illegally imported plastic waste back to Malaysia.

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