While whole world is quarantine, China to Lift Lockdown after months
While whole world is quarantine, China to Lift Lockdown after months

Wuhan: China will end the lockdown imposed by the Corona virus in Hubei province on Tuesday. However, the lockdown will remain in force until 8 April in Wuhan. Let us tell you that new cases of Corona are not coming in China. In the last few weeks, the number of corona patients in China has steadily decreased, while the number of corona sufferers has increased at a very fast rate worldwide. Although Chinese citizens returning from abroad are found to be infected with Corona.

It is noteworthy that if we talk about the whole world, more than 3 lakh 80 thousand people are patients of COVID-19 and 16,497 people have lost their lives. At the same time, in India, the number of corona patients has increased to 492 so far. According to the Ministry of Health, 34 of these patients have fully recovered while 9 people have died.

For information, let us tell you that most people have died in Italy due to Corona. According to the report of the news agency Reuters, 602 people have died due to corona virus infection in Italy on Monday. With this, the death toll from Corona virus in Italy has increased to 6,078.

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