China to treat Corona Virus with traditional medicines
China to treat Corona Virus with traditional medicines

Beijing: China's traditional medicines have proved to be important in the prevention and treatment of patients with new coronavirus infection. According to the National Department of Traditional Medicine Management Department, Chinese traditional medicines have been used in the treatment of a total of 60 thousand patients and this has yielded the best results. According to the Chinese Minister of Science and Technology Deputy Minister Shu Nan Peing, Chinese traditional medicines have received positive results in the treatment of patients with the new coronavirus infection.

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Now traditional medicines have also been included in the new corona virus infection treatment plan. According to clinical research conducted in Wuhan city, the use of traditional medicines has reduced the treatment time and recruitment time of mildly afflicted patients by one to two days and the cure rate of these patients has increased by 33 percent.

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Speaking to the media, Yu Yan Huang, deputy head of the administration department of Chinese Traditional Medicine, has stated that the use of traditional medicine has brought a clear improvement in the conditions of mild patients and has prevented their condition from becoming more serious in the treatment of serious patients. The combined use of traditional medicine and modern medicine has provided satisfactory effects in the treatment of new corona virus infection patients.

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