China's mask diplomacy to improve image from Corona
China's mask diplomacy to improve image from Corona

More than 10 million Chinese citizens disappear? Why did their SIM cards disappear from the market? How many people have died from Corona in China, say that China did not deliberately spread Corona? So that the whole world can be bothered by this and then the chains in their factories make things to escape from the corona and take over the world? For your information, let us tell you how much of this therapy is going on. The whole truth Here we will tell you some important things, yes, let's talk first, there is a country called Chad here in Africa. Sudan has this country, about 92 Chad soldiers were killed in an attack by the terrorist organization Bokoharam of Nigeria. The attack took place on Sunday night at Buma Penisula in Chad. This attack lasted for about 7 hours. Information about this was received on March 25. President Idris DY here gave information about the attack. Active Boko Haram has killed about 36000 people for almost 10 years now.

Boko Haram has left their home in Nigeria with about two million people. After this, let's talk about America has reached number three in the list of Corona affected countries. Italy and Spain are first and second. So far, 70 thousand patients have been confirmed in the United States. More than a thousand people have died. New York is the most affected. So far, more than 20 thousand people have been found infected here. US Sanit has approved a fund of about 150 lakh crores for the corona epidemic. The Justice Department believes that those who deliberately spread the corona infection will be accused of terrorism. Apart from this, let's talk about Italy and Spain, so far in Italy the number of people who die due to corona is 7500. The number of infected people is beyond 74086. From 15 February to 27 February, the pace of the spread of corona here was slow. After this, the graph which has started to rise from February 28, has not stopped yet. More than 4000 people have died in Spain. This number of infected people is more than 56000. Here people are forced to stay in their homes, with this, every day at 8 pm people come to their terrace and balconies to thank the doctors and medical staff.

The date of 26 March was over 4,75,000 Corona infected people in the world. More than 21000 people were killed. How big this figure is in a world with a population of 780 crores. One-third of the world's population is currently locked down. The number of people currently infected in China is 810285. The number of those who die is 3287. China is in a recovery phase, the business has already started. It is being told that this epidemic started from the city of Wuhan where the city of China has also ended. In such a situation, there are many questions that come to mind. That China is hiding the number of deaths from Corona. Are there more than 2 crore people dead? Has China released data exposed her? Has China prepared Corona? Has he used Corona on an arms tour to end the economy of Europe and America? According to reports, in the last three months, 20 million SIM cards of China have disappeared, besides about 8 lakh 40 thousand landlines have also been closed. Those figures have been found by China's wireless companies. Networks are provided by three companies in China. First China Mobile Limited, Second China Hong Kong Limited, Third China Telecom Corporation. China Mobile has been releasing these monthly data since the year 2000. Since then for the first time, this month has come, in which its statistics have been so useful.

"Those who hid information about coming from abroad spread the infection" Shivraj Singh Chauhan

According to the company's website, in January February, the number of its mobile subscribers has decreased by more than 80 lakhs. According to the news, tell us that in January and February in China, the number of SIM card users has decreased by about 2 crores. During this time the corona also started spreading. Many people are adding this thing. It is being told that these were the SIM cards of the people killed from Corona. It is being estimated that China has reduced the number of people killed by many. On February 11, China launched a mobile app, which shows that you have come in contact with a corona infected person. Apart from this, it is being told that China keeps an eye on its people through this app. With some new rules, so that the data of the government has passed. Which the government here uses according to its own. China is a dictatorial system, the government here keeps a close watch on its people and this is the reason that this system will remain only when people will rule under control. The face is so strict that the disappearance of millions of SIM cards surprises. Especially when the world knows that China is constantly lying on the corona. After all, there is some other fact about the disappearance of the SIM card.

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According to the report, it is believed that this SIM card can also be of those people who come here and work here. Those who often have two numbers, one where they are, the one where they are. It could happen that due to corona, the work stopped, so a large number of people returned to their village and city. Scientists believe that China built Corona to stall the economy of America and Europe. And the basis of this doubt is that the work in the chain has started again. To cure corona patients, China is supplying things like masks and gloves and bodysuits around the world and people believe that this is what China wanted. Experts believe that China's economy is in a very bad state at this time. China's economy is expected to fall by about 9 percent. China's retail sales declined by nearly 20 percent in January February. Industrial production declined by about 13 per cent. On 16 March, a news appeared in the New York Times, in which it was written that the Chinese economy which has suffered global recession and trade war with America. But he may be at a disadvantage with the corona that it will take years to recover. A new twist has come where it is feared that China will not suffer such a huge loss just for the supply of masks and gloves. Let us tell you that the global economy is connected to each other somewhere.

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China has suffered a huge blow from Corona, with Trump many people are calling Corona a Chinese virus. Many country organizations of the world g7 here America was insisting that Corona be called Vuhan virus. Due to the absence of consent of the rest of the country, no common statement was issued. China has sent masks and salmon to other doctors to many countries. He is comforting everyone with this salmon. It is trying to prove that she is a responsible world leader. This mask diplomacy in China is working. President of Serbia is Alexander Buchich is angry with the European Union, he is praising China, saying that Chinese President Xi Jinping is our brother. And the story of European unity is the story of China's mask diplomacy. No information has been revealed so far that China has made this coronavirus in one of its labs.


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