Chinese man's big belly saves him from falling down into the Well

Aug 14 2020 01:33 PM
Chinese man's big belly saves him from falling down into the Well

There are many people for whom their belly has become a problem. Many people around the world want to get rid of the belly fat and look slim. People go for jogging in the morning and evening to keep themselves fit, and some people focus on their diet and gym. Sometimes the result is not what they expect. Today we are going to tell you about the benefits of the belly bulge. Recently, a case has come up, after knowing that you will also say that it is important to have a big fat belly.

In Luoyang city of Henan province of central China, 28-year-old Liu weighs about 500 pounds. He has a big belly and there is also a Well at his place. The well which is in his house is not as wide as the Indian Wells and it was covered with wood. Liu was standing on it and due to his weight it broke and Liu got stuck in it. Due to the belly fat, he got stuck in the middle, otherwise, he would have fallen directly into the well. Well, now he has been removed. 'Luoyang Fire Service' said that 'The young man is completely healthy."

He said that "He survived only because he was too fat for the pit of the well." He is suffering from mental illness, so it is possible that he has jumped on the wooden cover of the well. Now the video of this rescue operation is becoming increasingly viral on social media.

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