Adopt this Chinese therapy to remove all your pains
Adopt this Chinese therapy to remove all your pains

Generally, we ignore everyday pains. And this is where we go wrong. It may possible that these pains will grow to become lifelong troubles. But wait a minute, you need not to visit your doctor immediately. Here is a simple and effective Chinese therapy to deal with such problems. 

What is this therapy?
According to Chinese medicine, the spot on your neck right below your skull is called as ‘Feng Fu’ or ‘wind shelter’. Feng Fu is associated with the treatment of many health issues.

How to do this therapy:
All you need for this therapy is an ice cube and a scarf/ziplock. To do this, lie down on your stomach and put an ice cube on the Feng Fu point for 20 minutes. You can use a scarf to hold the ice cube in place, allowing you to sit and walk around. You can also put the ice in a zip lock and put it around your neck so that the water doesn’t spill.
Within 30-40 seconds, you will feel the temperature go up. If you regularly put an ice cube on this place, your body will feel rejuvenated, it will prevent illnesses and you will be healthier and energetic. For better results, do this twice a day, once in the morning, empty stomach and once before you go to bed.

Now let’s count the benefit of doing this therapy
1. Decreases a headache
2. Helps control PMS
3. Reduces thyroid problem
4. Improves sleep
5. Improves digestion
6. Eliminates frequent colds
7. Helps with arthritis
8. Reduces cellulite
9. Reduces stress and improves your mood

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