Rapist runs away when the girl said "I am diagnosed with Corona Virus"
Rapist runs away when the girl said

Nowadays shocking news is coming one after another about the coronavirus. Everyone is scared of this virus and now people are migrating from the cities of China. The situation there has become very bad, and due to Corona's panic, people are engaged in finding safe places. Now recently, a different case has been reported in the Coronavirus from the city of Jingshan, near Wuhan. In this case, a man who tried to rape a woman living there, she said 'I came from Wuhan and I am suffering from Corona, hearing this the rapist ran away."

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In this case, it is being told that a woman named Yi was alone in her house, after getting a chance, a young man went into her house and tried to rape her, but at the same time, the victim coughed and said, "She came from Wuhan and is affected by the coronavirus, so she is living alone in the house."

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Hearing this, the man who entered the house was blown away and he pushed her. He then fled from there. He looked about 3,080 yuan from the woman and left. During that time, the nervous woman immediately called the police and after a lot of hard work, the man who tried to rape was arrested.

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