Lost one leg but still wins gold medal, this Sikh player is an inspiration for youths
Lost one leg but still wins gold medal, this Sikh player is an inspiration for youths

Today we are going to tell you the story of the life of a woman whom you will be proud to hear about. A true player is the one who never gives up when we move forward with true devotion to our work. So you get the destination. The player who plays the game at heart never gives up, today we are going to talk about one such player whose name is Mansi Joshi. The 2019 Para World Badminton Championship was held in which she has won 12 medals to India, including one gold. This is not the end of the story. The story has just begun.

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Before winning gold, a person has to become gold, talking about it, then Mansi is busy preparing for the Tokyo Paralympics which are going to be held in August this year. In 2011, she lost her left leg in a road accident and said in an interview that she had been in OT (Operation Theater) for 12 hours. The doctors had to cut his leg. After this accident, 50 days were spent in his hospital. Mansi, who hails from Maharashtra, has been fond of playing badminton since childhood and her father was in the 'Bhabha Atomic Research Center'. Mansi had played badminton at the district level. Her game was improving. After the accident in 2011, her whole life changed and it took her 3 hours to reach the hospital after the accident and she had a fracture in her hand and underwent an operation for 10 hours. After this, the doctors had to cut her left leg. After the road accident, she used to think about her game in the hospital too.

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Mansi also said, 'At that time, I was thinking only that I have lost only one leg but I was not able to run, even if it is not worth it.' This thinking changed her life. Mansi was again in the field after 4 months of the accident. She had got artificial legs and started moving forward with full expectation and enthusiasm. By 2014, Mansi was again in form, she had become a professional player again. After all her time had come to prove herself, she won bronze in the 2017 World Championships in Korea. After this, she won a gold medal in the BWF Para World Badminton Championship. This year, Mansi aims to win at the Tokyo Para Olympics and her spirits won the hearts of all of us. We all pray for her to have success and we also salute her courage.

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